Japanese Patent Clarifications

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Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), which is a not for profit government organization and represents industries and users of IP system, visited India and interacted with FICCI delegates on 16th January 2012. FICCI and the Indian corporate community took up this occasion to raise concerns about IP laws and practices in Japan. JIPA responded to these concerns raised allaying the apprehensions of India Inc.  Non-availability of Japanese laws in English, long time taken in grant of patents, non-availability of File History in English, Limited opportunity to applicant to address the objections raised, Patent term extensions were some of the major concerns raised. JIPA responded to these concerns by providing greater information about and a deeper insight into Japanese IP laws and practices.

For more details about the concerns raised and responses please see the document embedded below:

Response of JIPA

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  • How will i come to know whether term of patent extended or not? Is there any journal publication/gazette notification? If so, please provide me the link

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