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Injunction against “ Urumi” for Music Copyright Violation

“Urumi” was one of the highest budgeted movies that showed a high rate of success and became biggest hits in the Malayalam industry this year. The movie has become a blockbuster on account of its picturesque locations, excellent direction, picturisation, technical aspects and most importantly its songs. Urumi is a historical fantasy film and is based on the story of a boy who tried to kill Vasco de Gama. Urumi’s songs became popular in no span of time.

Of late, this movie is amidst controversy. Deepak Dev, a well known music composer who has composed music for the movie has been sued for copyright infringement. The suit for injunction was filed before the Delhi High Court by Canadian Singer Loreena McKennitt alleging that the song titled “Aaro ne aaro” composed by Deepak has been substantially copied from two of her own compositions, Caravanserai’ and ‘The Mummers’ Dance. Besides, the singer has also accused Dev of violating her moral rights under Section 57 of the Copyright Act, 1957 that protects the author against distortion or mutilation of his work. The Court has passed an ex- parte injunction against the composer, producers and distributors of the movie. The order restricts the release of the movie in Tamil, Telgu, Hindi and English. However, Urumi, which has already been released in Malayalam, is excluded from the ambit of the order. The decision comes as a caution to all the players in the music industry, to make them confirm to the provisions of the Copyright Act and thereby ensuring that copyright vested in the original owner is duly protected.

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