Lupin-Abbott Pact : with respect to fenofibrate

Authored by Ms. Sneha AshokIndian pharmaceutical giant, Lupin has entered into a license agreement with Abbott Laboratories and France’s Laboratoires Fournier for a number of patents on cholesterol-lowering drug, fenofibrate.  Since these are all patents governing fenofibrate formulations, the company believes this is a move that would help them build the patent estate around their product Antara, which being one of the versions of fenofibrate.  Lupin had earlier acquired Antara from Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corp. in September 2009, for which the patent expires in 2020.

Fenofibrate was discovered by Laboratoires Fournier of France. What is interesting to note is Abbott also sells a version of fenofibrate after obtaining an FDA approval to market it under the brand name TriCor. Fenofibrate being one of the widely used anti-cholesterol drug to treat patients who are at risk of cardio-vascular diseases and with the license agreement coming into effect, one would be curious to know how both, Lupin and Abbott would benefit from the license. However, much cannot be said since the terms of the agreement are confidential.

Please find the patent details on Fenofibrate as follows:

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