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The Bright and The Beautiful – Diwali Patents

Contributed by Sanjiv and NirmalDiwali, the festival of lights which bring with it a lot of hope and joy revolves around distributing sweets, gifts and bursting crackers and various other forms of merrymaking.

Mentioned below are few interesting patent grants related to diwali.

Light Patent
To help us light up our surroundings, inventors Ellenburg Barbara Kay, Ellenburg Parker Stephen and Ellenburg Howard Steve invented the illuminating footwear accessories and acquired a patent (US769514). His invention is about the customized light module which includes housing, a light source, a decorative cap and a battery. The housing which includes the light source, decorative cap and a battery is kept inside an aperture (opening which let light in) of footwear, and the decorative cap is configured to illuminate when the light source illuminates.

For a number of years articles of footwear and various items of clothing have been sold with decorative attachments. These attachments have either been lighted and non removable or removable and non lighted, neither of which have had the ability to be both lighted and removable or to be further customized by the wearer and activate or deactivated at will.

This is the first invention where the decorative attachments had the ability to be both lighted and removable at the same time. This kind of invention will light up our festivals even more.

Sparkling and Cracking Patents
Diwali is also the festival of crackers. The traditional firecracker production needs lot of manpower, material resource and has complex manufacturing technique and the return is detonating noise filled with fun. Many patents have been granted to crackers till date across the world. Some interesting ones are:

A patent (CN2893632Y) granted in China is Changeful firecrackers invented by Zhao Zigang. The main element of this inventive firecracker is a piece of concave tinfoil. These pieces are distributed in an interleaved manner between high and low lines forming a design. These pieces produce sound and attractive colors when ignited. People are entertained with artistic effects with low cost.

Another invention patented (CN2247793Y) by Xing Yuming, Jiang Mugen and Zhou Jion relates to a cracker with a caption moulding. It has handle ring, a bomb casing, explosive, a propellant box and a firing cable. The cracker is composed of different upper and lower parts, moulding cloths composed of bright beads. Different kinds of characters or patterns are formed by fire, light and color move, when the cracker is burnt. It has protean aesthetic feeling of sound, light and color.

Further, another important kind of cracker patent (CN2295191Y) invented by Liu Zhong is a pull force type firecracker, which is environment friendly. In this cracker, a circular rotating disk provided with a scriber is powered by a pull rope. Bubbles full of gas are punctured resulting into sound of firecrackers. These are environment friendly, safe and do not need fire.

It is very important to protect ourselves while igniting firecrackers. One of the patents (CN2369204Y) on Safeguard for igniting firecrackers by Xu Xiucheng could be very useful while enjoying crackers. It comprises a barrel body with sealing stopper at one end and restraining belt at other. On one end of restraining belt can freely bend and rotate, and an igniting point is arranged on the other side. It has very simple structure, convenient to use and safe.

It is interesting to note the number of patents granted over crackers in China.


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