Mobile App Law

Mobile App Law Services

BIP’s Mobile App Law Services include:

  • Mobile App Patent Search
  • Mobile App Patent Filing and Prosecution
  • Mobile App Licensing and Advertisement Management
  • Copyright Registration for Mobile Apps
  • Trade Mark Filing and Registration for Mobile App names and representations
  • Drafting Terms and Conditions, User Agreements and Privacy Policies
  • Open Source License Analysis and Compliance
  • Compliance of Mobile App Contribution Terms
  • FTO Analysis and IP Risk Management
  • Legal Compliance and Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Management
  • Licensing and Merchandising


Select Clients

  • Samsung
  • Yash Raj Films
  • Mahindra Reva
  • Robosoft
  • 99 Games
  • HCL Technologies

Number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially and many transactions are today conducted on phones. One’s phone is no longer merely an instrument for voice communication. It is used for various activities from dating to paying bills. Creative and inventive Mobile Applications  are added to smartphones on a daily basis to make life easier.

Mobile Apps are important intellectual assets, which can be protected under the IP regime. IP protection not only safeguards the developer’s hard work, but also opens doors for effective commercialization. In addition to preventing competitive Apps, IP protection helps in building and enhancing financial value of a Mobile App.

BIP offers specialized services to help companies and individuals protect Mobile Apps under the IP regime. Our Mobile App services include patent filing and prosecution, copyright registration, trademark registration, trade secret protection, etc. In addition, BIP also helps in understanding legal compliance requirements and liabilities while adding or contributing Apps to stores. We also specialize in drafting user agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies and other legal instruments. BIP also helps Mobile Businesses manage all legal requirements efficiently.

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Why BananaIP ?

  • BananaIP has strong background and technology expertise in Mobile Technologies;
  • BananaIP has the experience of working with small and large companies on Mobile App protection, community development and contribution management projects;
  • IP and Legal experts at BananaIP have helped many Mobile App companies build IP and comply with legal requirements;
  • BananaIP is the only firm in India that has the wide range of expertise required to support Mobile Applications; and
  • BananaIP’s team of legal and IP experts are among the leaders in the country.

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